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Listed here are Instructionals in Printed Matter and CD Rom form that we offer. New and used will be listed and clearly stated as such.

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From The Sheep, 2009
This CD Rom is about weaving the RMF triangle loom, using tools produced by the farm over the years, and instructionals on washing, preparing and using the fleeces/fibers. It takes the reader through the years as the farm progressed shows pictures and illustrations of the tools, paintings and animals. Goes through techniques of weaving, adjusting the flyers of the Ashford wheels along with the history of the farm and the Gulf Coast Sheep. Compiled & Edited by Margrett Stretton in PDF format.

Weaving the Running Moon Farm Triangle Loom: Pages 1-41
Tools and Painted Spinning Wheels: Pages 42-97
Fiber & Gulf Coast Sheep: Pages 98-105
Shearing, Fleeces & Fiber Preparatioin: Pages 106-129
Yarns: Pages 130-135
Darners & Pattern Boards: Pages 136-137
Ceramic Cups & Pots: Pages 138-148
Warping the Loom, Front to Back: Pages 149-155
Drop Spindling: Pages 156-167
Hand Carding: Pages 168-174
Setting up the Flyer for Lace Spinning: Pages 175-176
Commentary: Pages 176-186

Priced at $22.50 plus shipping.

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Producing Fiber for Sale,

This CD Rom is about producing fiber for sale, or for your own use. It covers from the farm animal to the finished fiber. It starts with a section in PDF format on preparing fleeces for sale to the fiber artist community. The second section is about shearing and fleece preparation. It talks about maintance of the shearing equipment, combs & cutters, sharpening, skirting, storing the fleeces, Washing, using a picker, drying the fleece, dying the fiber, and some marketing tips. Priced at $8.25 plus shipping.

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Paper Copy priced at $16.50 plus shipping.

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Warping the Loom, Front to Back

Full of detailed graphics, this CD Rom in PDF format takes you from the beginning when you choose your yarn and reed. From deciding how yarn you need for the warping, to threading the reed and heddles, tying on the beams with many graphics to help you understand. 30 pages of information. Priced at $10.00 plus shipping.

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"Warping The Loom Front to Back" Paper Copy priced at $22.50 plus shipping.

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Hand Carding and Drop Spindling

There are two instructionals in this PDF format CD Rom.

The first section is on hand carding. Starting with holding the cards, loading and using them, to removing the fiber in 8 pages of graphics and instrutions.

The second section is about using a drop spindle, from removing fiber from the spindle with a nostepinde, and tying a leader on the spindle the reader is shown how to use the spindle with lots of graphics and instruction through 11 pages.

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"Hand Carding" Paper Copy priced at $15.00 plus shipping.

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"Using A Drop Spindle" Paper Copy priced at $6.75 plus shipping.

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